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NAT10893 Certificate IV in Learning Design & Facilitation

This is the only Cert IV qualification for learning and development professionals who design and deliver corporate or non-accredited blended training solutions.

This qualification is issued under RTO 31971 (SpecTraining)
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What's included?

  • 9 Modules
  •  Resource Library
  • Highly Experienced Facilitators
  • Templates
  • Assessments

Become a highly skilled Learning and Development Professional

If you are currently working or planning to work in the L&D industry, you will need to know what is current and how to design and deliver blended learning experiences that improve performance and ensure desired results are achieved.

Relevant and practical topics

Following extensive research, we have ensured that every unit focuses on only required and relevant topics that you can apply immediately.

You will also be given an extensive range of resources that you can use during the course and throughout your L&D career.

Core Modules (6)

Coordinate a
Training Project

A training program has many components that need to be project managed to ensure success - including analysing learning needs, stakeholder engagement, design, delivery and evaluation.

This course will help you develop the plans, milestones and resources you will need for a successful training event.

Facilitate Stakeholder Engagement

This module provides the skills and knowledge required to effectively identify and engage your stakeholders before, during and after your learning initiative. You will be able to leverage their influence to enhance the outcomes and results of your program.

It focuses on the importance of regular and ongoing consultation to maintain the quality of their engagement and buy-in.  

Learning Needs

This eLearning module explores how to identify learning and performance needs to ensure you create the right solution.

It will provide learners with the skills to identify key organisational issues that impact learning, gather and analyse information and report outcomes and provide recommendations to address the learning and performance needs.

for Impact

This module is designed for trainers, facilitators and learning designers who are required to design and develop blended learning experiences to meet an identified need for a group of learners. It addresses the skills and knowledge needed to determine the delivery methods for an identified blended learning experience, outline the structure of the event and embed the process for review.

The course takes participants through the process of designing and developing a blended learning experience.

with Impact

The module will help you apply different techniques and methods to keep your learning on track and the learners engaged.

Participants will explore: Framing and anchoring for relevance, brainstorming and elicitation, briefing and debriefing activities, dealing with disruptive learners, and lots more.

Participants will gain lots of tips, tools and techniques to ensure they engage learners and achieve desired outcomes.

Learning Impact

This module provides the skills, knowledge and processes required to determine and measure the success factors for a learning initiative and how to measure the outcomes.

When applied effectively, the information and knowledge will enable learning and development facilitators to understand and measure the success of a learning program and apply these lessons to improve future activities.

Elective Modules - Choice of 3 from the following:

Apply Psychometric Profiling Tools to Learning

This module explores various personality and behavioural profiling tools and how they can support learning experiences. It will help you to evaluate the features and benefits of various psychometric profiling tools to support your learning initiatives.

It requires the ability to research and identify psychometric profiling tools and apply them to your learning experiences.

Apply Neuroscience Concepts to Learning

This eLearning module explores the importance of Neuroscience and how you can effectively apply the concepts to your learning experience.

It will provide learners with a basic understanding of the brain, memory and learning, as well as how different brain chemicals impact learning and retention. You will also be taken through the 12 PEN principles to increase learner engagement.

Facilitating Virtually

This module is designed for trainers and facilitators who are required to establish, facilitate, monitor and review learning events delivered online through webinars, discussion boards and other forms of electronic media.

The module takes participants through the process of facilitating an effective eLearning experience, from establishing the environment through guiding and facilitating the experience to reviewing the outcomes of the eLearning program.

for Performance

This module provides the skills, knowledge, and processes required to coach individuals and teams to support their learning journey and application.

Participants will have access to a range of models and resources to help work through the various coaching stages and achieve the desired results.

Improve Learning Experiences with Data Analytics

This module covers the abilities which are essential to use data analytics to design and develop learning experiences.

It gives you the ability to collect and analyse data from a range of sources, and conduct data analysis to identify strategies to enhance the learner's experience and the application of learning.

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NAT10893 Certificate IV in Learning Design & Faciliation



Upcoming Starting Dates

21 August
23 October


Knowledge Questions
Practical Tasks


Approximately 6 months


When I first heard about this new qualification, I jumped at the chance to be involved in the pilot program as it really addressed the needs of those of us who design and deliver training in the corporate setting and have no need to be expert assessors, but rather to be excellent designers and facilitators.

The content is based on years of research by the Institute for Learning and Performance and our Capability Framework. In addition, we are constantly refining the content based on more research and student feedback.

We hope you enjoy the experience, and our team is here to help and support you at every step of the process. Congratulations on your choice.

Patrick Jones - Course author

Adam Le Good
eneral Manager, ILP Academy