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Nicole Hill

CEO Institute for Learning and Performance

Dan Hill

Director of SpecTraining

Isabelle G.

L&D Researcher
Let's dive into our "Digital Marketing for L&D professionals" course! Packed with strategies, digital creativity, and consumer secrets, it's your ticket to becoming a marketing maestro. Unleash the potential of your L&D work, captivate audiences, and lead the digital charge to gain new clients, reinforce existing relationships and build your professional brand. Join us and redefine the marketing game!
Lesson series

Digital Marketing

Make a start. Get a feel for the program by watching this short introduction to this exciting and engaging subject. 

What's included?

  • 10 Modules
  • 1 Certification
  • 52 Questions
  • 25+ Video
  • 11 PDFs

Become a brand marketter  

Gain a deep understanding of modern marketing strategies, including digital, content, and social media marketing. Develop the ability to create and execute comprehensive marketing plans that align with your business objectives and adapt to evolving market trends.

Real skill development

In addition, you'll grasp data-driven marketing techniques, brand development strategies, digital channel expertise and creative & ethical marketing - all while applying the learning to your real business or professional role in L&D. 
Meet the instructor

Dan Hill

Dan has over 25 years in management and L&D, including roles as a national sales and marketing manager for a global IT organisation, and more recently as co-founder/director of two educational institutions where his skills in marketing have produced massive growth and returns for the respective organisations. But his real skill is listening to those who've pioneered the most significant trends in marketing and assembling them here for you. 
Patrick Jones - Course author